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Commander Fire Extinguishers

Imagine the panic of a fire in your kitchen.  Imagine having to carefully choose the correct extinguisher. Imagine the disastrous results of choosing the wrong one.

Imagine being able to simplify things – just one extinguisher type to choose from.

Imagine a MultiChem.

It’s reality. It’s here. It’s the MultiCHEM...

The MultiCHEM from CommanderEDGE - a ground-breaking and innovative fire extinguisher.
Multi-class fire extinguishers are no newcomers to the market, but the MultiCHEM offers a new solution - a high-performance ABF rated extinguisher.

  • The 34A rating gives the industry’s highest available A rating for a 6 litre extinguisher. This means that even in the hands of an untrained and incompetent person the MultiCHEM can tackle a sizeable fire
  • A 233B rating gives unsurpassed ability to tackle flammable liquid fires involving large amounts of fuel and a big surface area
  • And then to round it all off, the 75F rating enables this unit to be used on deep fat fryer fires up to 75 litres capacity

All this in one compact and easily-to-handle unit? Yes - it’s the CommanderEDGE MultiCHEM.

In line with the true CommanderEDGE heritage, the MultiCHEM is well-decorated. Kitemarked to BS EN3, MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approved, and TUV certified, they also have passed the 35kVa Dielectric Test, making them safe for inadvertent use on live electrical equipment.

No other extinguisher gives this level of safety to staff and the public. With the MultiCHEM it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

Can you afford to take the risk?

MultiCHEM - reducing risk, protecting people, fighting fires

The MultiCHEM from CommanderEDGE

  • Fire rating - 34A 233B 75F
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approved
  • 35kVa Dielectric test certified
  • Full 5-year warranty

And of course, it shares the hallmarks of the CommanderEDGE range:

  • Extremely robust handles resist bending, deforming and rusting - even in harsh conditions
  • Heavy brass valve with 15mm neck ring
  • Cylinder thickness exceeds requirements by at least 50%
  • New design ‘super-strong’ plastic base skirt
  • Thick walled braided rubber UV-resistant hose
  • Pressure safety release valve
  • 0% failure rate on internal lining
Products FS6EMC
Capacity 6ltr
Fire Rating 34A 233B 75F
Extinguishing Medium MultiCHEM Foam
Working Pressure 14 bar
Temp. Range 0-+60°C
Cylinder Material Steel
Pressurising Gas Nitrogen
MED Approval Yes


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