CommanderEDGE Wet Chemical Extinguishers

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Wet Chemical extinguishers provide specialist cover for deep fat fires.  Burning oil presents a significant challenge for fire fighting due to the extremely high temperatures involved.  Wet Chemical works by the process of saponification - the chemical reacts with the burning oil and forms a thick 'crust' over the top of the oil, preventing any recurrence of the fire.

The CommanderEDGE model is supplied with a specially-designed hose, rather than a lance.  This provides the operator a greater level of safety - the lance means that you have to stand very close to an extremely hot fire, but the hose assembly used here allows the operator to stand further away and still effectively fight the fire.

This extinguisher has a 13A 75F fire rating, and is Kitemarked to BS EN3.  

CommanderEDGE Wet Chemical Downloads

  • 21 Jun 2016
  • MSDS - CommanderEDGE Wet Chemical
  • MSDS sheet for the CommanderEDGE Wet Chemical extinguishers

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