Here at Commander® we are obsessed with Fire Safety, and dedicated to bringing you the finest fire safety products available today.

Our products are tried, tested and proven in the harshest real-life conditions.  We've sold millions of Commander and CommanderEDGE extinguishers - covering a huge variety of applications and situations.  They are tough, effective and guaranteed to perform when you really need them.

We are constantly innovating to put the most powerful and capable products in your hands.  Take our latest model - the MultiCHEM.  It boasts a massive 34A 233B 75F fire rating, and has passed the 35kVa dielectric test, making it the most powerful and versatile 6 litre portable extinguisher on the market today.  Our 6ltr EnviroFoam is a brilliant performer too, with a 27A 183B fire rating coupled with an environmentally-friendly foam compound, giving you peace of mind in high performance and proving your care for the environment.  Or look at the Compact34 Water Additive - nothing but water and a spot of additive, but giving a hugely powerful 34A fire rating.  And it happens to be 35kVa dielectric certified too!

Our enormous selection of portable fire extinguishers is broken down into 3 main product ranges:

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We are passionate about putting the very best and most effective fire extinguishers in your hands - at a realistic price.  No other range has so much to offer.

Commander - leading fire defence

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