Antique Brushed Copper Fire Extinguishers

Commander Fire Extinguishers

Truly an Industry First. Exquisite & hand-finished. Each one is unique in it's beauty. This is Contempo.

Elegance and fire defence. Not a common association, but we have never believed the two should be mutually exclusive... Introducing the new Contempo range form Commander.

Something New

This is something new. This combines fire safety with the most exquisite hand-finished architectural finishes. This means you don't have to spoil your carefully-crafted interior design with mandatory fire equipment.

Brushed Antique Copper

Truly and Industry-first, these exquisite cans have been hand-finished. Each one is unique in its beauty.

Perfect for modern bars and restaurants, luxury hotels and contemporary commercial interiors, this is fire safety equipment you actually want on show!

And with the matching brushed antique copper tubular stands and ID signs, this range is truly Elegance in Fire Defence.

Capacity 6 litre 6 litre 6 litre 2kg 6 litre
Fire Rating 13A 13A 113B 34A 233B 75F 34B 34B 183B
Medium Water AFF Foam Multi-Class Foam Carbon Dioxide ABC Powder
Pressure 14 bar 14 bar 14 bar 56 bar@20°C 14 bar
Temp. Range 0-+60°C 0-+60°C 0-+60°C -20-+60°C -20-+60°C
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium Stainless Steel
Gas Nitrogen Nitrogen Nitrogen CO2 Nitrogen

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